Wilhelm Reich e la modificazione del clima

Wilhelm Reich and the Healing of Atmospheres (book introduction)

Wilhelm Reich and the Healing of Atmospheres

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An Innovative Method of Weather Modification

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CORE Report, 2008: Analysis of a Small-Scale, Experimental Cloudbusting Operation to End the Drought in the Southeast USA

Radioattività Indotta da un Sistema Orgonotico

Environment and Metereology

By Roberto Maglione

The environment in which we live largely depends on the natural functioning of the atmosphere that, by its cycles of energy charge and discharge, allows favourable conditions for life sustainment. Frequency and intensity of such atmospheric cycles, functionally identical to the periods of good and rainy weather, can vary from an area to another and have substantially local characteristics. In case this pulsation is inhibited by external agents, such as pollution created by industrial and nuclear activities, or by electromagnetism, or even, as hypothesed by some, by influences of cosmic origin (solar spots and lunar activity), it can gradually modify until to significantly decrease its influence.

According to the kind of atmospheric block that can occur either drought first and, with the prolongation of the block, aridity and desertification then, or a considerable increase of precipitation leading at long term to flooding and inundation of the hit areas may develop.

Interventions, aimed at restoring the natural atmospheric cycle of energy charge and discharge, can recover the cyclical functions of the atmospheric parameters and bring back the favourable conditions for a better sustainment of the environment and the life of the populations involved. However, this kind of solution may be temporary and does not solve the problem in case the main causes of the environmental upheaval are not removed.

A method to restore the natural pulsation of the atmosphere is cloudbusting. It was conceived at the beginning of the ‘50s by the Austrian natural scientist and Freud’s pupil Wilhelm Reich. It is based on the assumption that the atmosphere and the cosmos are full of energy. More…